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Damn you Crossfit Open.

At first I was annoyed.

C2B - really? I can’t do those. I know I was not alone with this thinking.  I can’t even do DUs, what was I thinking signing up for the Open??!!

Then I became resigned. 

Ten overhead squats. I’m sure I won’t be the only one, it’s cool, we can be pissed off together! 

I went and did the Sunday workout today (which had lots of fun things like handstand practice, strict presses and push jerks) before open gym. 

Then lots of people showed up to do 14.2….expect no one signed up for the first heat, except yours truly. Awesome, an audience.

Well, somewhere between being told to kip like I’ve never kipped before and the 3:00 minute mark, I did FIVE C2B.  

Well. Shit.

This means I proved the Crossfit people right.  I was never in this to win the whole thing.  I was in this to challenge myself to do things I’ve never done before…and today, I totally killed it. 

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